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Posted By :    Deb and John Roberts
Posted :    4/28/2015
Comments :    Dr.Hackworth and staff have been taking care of our dogs since we moved here back in 1995.The staff are very professional and compassionate in the care they give every time we go into the Clinic.Dr.Hackworth and staff have helped us thru losing pets as well as doggy injuries that were emergency.Always feel PROUD to be a pet owner and love my dogs alittle more when I leave there. The pets get so much attention and love from the staff.I think Dr Hackworth and staff are part of why we continue to love and get dogs for our pets and currently have 3 bassett hounds and a chocolate lab! Just counld'nt say no when going to buy 1 from the breeders and came home with two! BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL HOSPITAL is an awesome place to take your animals for care.
Posted By :    The Luley Family  (
Posted :    4/14/2015
Comments :    Our military family has had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Hackworth and his staff for over 5 years! We have always taken our pets and have always received the most professional, courteous, and caring attention. Even while living abroad, our pet developed Cancer and I contacted Dr. Hackworth-where he offered advice and guidance via email. When you walk into the office, you are made to feel you and your pet are the ONLY people/pets in there. We recommend them to anyone and will be sad to move on to our next duty station.
Posted By :    Tammy Kamps
Posted :    4/8/2013
Comments :    I want to thank both Carol and Susan for being there and helping me get through a very rough time when we had to put Chester, our 15 year old Basset Hound down last week. Both women were strong and even though both knew Chester quite well and had an attachment to him, they knew how to help me get through it. Chester had a tumor that was pushing on his trachea and was suffocating him from the inside out. It was not something operable that late in his life, so our only options were to put him down, or take him home and let him die that way, possibly with more pain than he was already in. I will continue to bring all my pets to see these people at Best Friends. They are great!
Posted By :    Candice West  (
Posted :    8/11/2012
Comments :    I want to thank Dr. Hackworth, Carol, and all the angels at Best Friends Animal Hospital for making my sweetblanket boy's last moments so calm, loving, gentle, and peaceful. Your kindness will never be forgotten. And a special thank you from the bottom of my heart to Susan for being my rock and loving Linus as much as I did.
Posted By :    Kiley  (
Posted :    3/20/2012
Comments :    Recently I had to go on Emergency Leave and TDY while my wife was gone. The staff did everything possible to work me in on a busy day and get both my dogs, Max and Choc, updated for all their shots. I cant thank them enough for helping our family and taking stress off all of us. Thank you--Thank you--Thank you!!
Posted By :    Veronica Kimble  (
Posted :    8/3/2011
Comments :    I have been working at Best Friends Animal Hospital for over 1 1/2 years and I want to say the care the doctors have for the animals and clients is wonderful.Every day I work I can't wait to get there. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your team!!!!
Posted By :    Leticia Baker  (
Posted :    5/4/2011
Comments :    Best Friends Animal hospital is the best vet in town! I take my dogs to them! I have seen all 3 vets and they are great! The staff is friendly and fiesty...Just enough to make you laugh! I would suggest this vet office to you if you are looking for a loving new vet for your furry friend! LILY SAYS HI!
Posted By :    Peggy Parries  (
Posted :    1/4/2011
Comments :    Just wanted to say hello and I miss you guys! I worked as a receptionist from 97 to 99 until I moved back to East Coast. Would love to hear from some of you. Have Susan send me an email. Miss you, Peggy Maybe I will get out your way to a dog show and drop in to see you.
Posted By :    Bonita Wilson  (
Posted :    9/14/2010
Comments :    This is the best Vet clinic in the area. Period. Customer service is awesome and the appointments are timely. Best Friends is the best place for my poodle, Caleb(my baby).
Posted By :    christina bevins
Posted :    8/14/2010
Comments :    They are all amazing people and they are great with people and pets :) Dr.Welker is so great to bad she dont see people to. I trust her and she is just amazing and is a wealth of information I just love her and the staff and well everyone there I can't say enough good things about them in this little box. I could go on post were it is cheaper but the all around care at Best Friends is priceless. Thank you Thank you.
Posted By :    Jacqueline Smith  (
Posted :    2/15/2010
Comments :    I love this place. We took our kitten, Fox to get neutered, and they did such an awesome job with him, we set appointments for our other two cats, Colby, and Hero. Since moving here from Florida, I was kind of worried about finding a vet to take care of my babies, since they had been with the same person for 3 years. But, I gotta tell ya. The staff is amazing, and they really care for our animals, and that makes all the difference, I don't think we will be taking our babies anywhere else for a long time. Thank you so much BFAH!!! You guys rock!!!


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