Best Friends Animal Hospital

255 Eastlawn Ave
St. Robert, MO 65584


Susan Susan is our Patient Advocate.  She is our version of a hospital ombudsman.  

The dictionary may define ‘hospital ombudsman’ as an ‘objective person, who hears concerns and makes judgments as to what might be corrective action’. . I think that definition mostly works but I would add some of the following attributes:

  • Someone who is here to help you maneuver through this complex and complicated system—i.e. a human GPS with more personality;
  • Someone who will be able to get your concerns and messages through to the right people so that correct actions can take place—i.e. think a combination of an intelligent computer, Ma Bell and UPS;
  • Someone who will be able to help you sort out what is reasonable and what is not reasonable—i.e. think psychiatrist without a billing number and no drugs;
  • Someone who will listen and help you feel better and cared about—i.e. think Mother Teresa!
You may reach Susan by calling her at the hospital at 573-336-3759 or emailing her at  I strongly suggest calling her since she is more a people person than a computer person and email often gets the better of her!