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Billie hasn't been using his litterbox

Ever since we converted the room we used for the litter boxes into a usable living area, Billie, our cat, has been soiling outside of his litterbox. His litterbox has been in the same place for years and he hasn’t had this issue before. 

Cats usually prefer quiet, private places for using the litterbox. Since this room has recently become an area that people utilize more, it is most likely louder and less private than Billie is accustomed. Billie may feel unsafe, like he is being cornered, unable to flee, or even blocked from using his litterbox. 

To help curb this undesired behavior, you'll first want to provide Billie with a litterbox at the location he is soiling now. This can help him start to use a litterbox again. Then, you will need to find a quieter location where Billie can use his litterbox in a more private, safe space. This can take some time, so please contact us for tips and recommendations.

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